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Valero Impact Day

April 18, 2016

Matt Talbot were joined by the Valero team on the 16th of June 2016 to complete their fourth Impact day on site in Ballinascorney.

Working within the smaller group meant that the staff from Valero and community of Matt Talbot were able spend time talking about approaches to the work and it started to feel more like the joining of two communities coming together. The work on the day was quite specialist in attempting to creating a walk way down the slope at the top of the site towards the river bed. We were having to consider issues of damp, shifting land mass and producing a safe walking surface first and foremost. It required the application of problem solving skills working in a team and being able to take specific instruction while still having lots of fun.

Everyone got an opportunity to work in the carpentry workshop under the guidance of Pat Talbot supporting the work around the site so there was a definite sense of real skill exchange within the group.








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