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Deloitte Impact Day 2016

July 18, 2016

It was an incredible experience being part of our fifth annual Impact day with Deloitte which took place on site at St Martins Ballinascorney on the 8th of September 2016.

To date this was the biggest group that we have ever hosted on site within a combined number between Deloitte and Matt Talbot reaching 53 people.

The weather was exceptionally kind to us which encouraged everyone to maximise the impact of the days activities.

These included – improving the quality of the steps leading from the Camping area down to the Stone Cell; erection of secure hand rails from camp site to the Stone Cell and the creation of a new walkway from the Stone Cell right up to the bridge are of the site.

It was remarkable to see the difference a day like this makes on the accessibility of the overall site. The group worked well and truly beyond our expectations with some of the Deloitte team remaining behind to finish off the new walk way.

There was a real sense of achievement for everyone involved and true comradeship that developed as the day progressed.

A big thank you goes out Trish for cooking up a storm in the kitchen providing top class meals for meat eaters and vegetarians alike.




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