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Rossa Hurley Minnovation Pitch

January 11, 2017

On the 19th May 2016 Matt Talbot were given an opportunity through the Impact Series (Unlocking a positive future for offenders) which is hosted by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland to pitch our evolving Inside Out Programme ideas.

The impact series is designed to inspire innovative ideas, to bring social entrepreneurship to a wider audience and to spark discussion and debate around key social issues and the role social entrepreneurship can have in addressing these issues.

Rossa Hurley represented the Matt Talbot Community Trust on this occasion, outlining the unique nature of the proposed ideas.

The Inside Out programme uses the media of film, street art, music, advertisements and other elements of the popular culture to explore issues. This was done as a direct response to the low literacy levels and negative attitudes to traditional classroom techniques displayed by participants. Using the popular culture has proven to be an extremely effective ‘gateway’ into discussing issues that affect participants and their communities.

The programme seeks to place the participant at the centre of community, global and societal issues. By blending therapy and education the programme facilitates the participant to find their own place within these issues and to empower them to find personalized solutions. The idea is that by exploring the societal issues that affect them and their communities then participants can be encouraged through the use of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) to find personalised solutions to these problems. SFBT is an approach that focuses on how clients change, rather than diagnosing and treating problems. As such, it uses a language of change.

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