Matt Talbot Community Trust, Dublin. Ph: 01 626 4899.

Dublin Marathon 2017

October 2, 2017

Are you running the Dublin Marathon on the 29th October and still looking for a cause to run for?

The Matt Talbot would be delighted if you could run for us!

What we do

The organisation is a drug free community education programme endeavouring to create change from a grassroots level. We work to tackle the unique social issues that lead to problem drug use and criminal behaviour through the provision of a quality education system and structured, person centred supports.

The organisation works with our group to develop a tailored plan that encompasses developing a route into education/employment. We have had real impact in the community that we work for and a number of ex-participants have returned to the centre to pass on their skills and expertise to individuals currently on the programme.

Our ambitions for the future centre on our education programme and its development. At present, we are seeking funds to purchase more PCs for our group members as the ratio is currently 4 participants per computer. Restricted access to computers means tangible limits to their education/employment prospects.

What your support would do

For several members of our group, the computers at the organisation are their primary source of internet access and are important tools for completing course work, identifying job opportunities, completing housing applications etc. Having a fully functioning computer room with more computers is an essential step towards addressing the digital divide.

‘…we risk leaving huge portions of the country behind…if the digital divide is not addressed as soon as possible. To be on the wrong side of the digital divide means missing out on economic and social opportunities..’

(Chambers Ireland, July 2017)

Digital literacy opens doors for our group and challenges barriers they may be facing in sourcing meaningful, long-term employment.

Support you will get from us

All individuals running for the Matt Talbot will be fully supported by the organisation. Our fundraiser, Claire, will be on hand to provide advice and fundraising support. Please feel free to contact Claire on (01) 626 4899 or

Take a look at some volunteers from a marathon earlier this year!

Last modified: October 2, 2017