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Corporate Social Responsibility


The Matt Talbot Community Trust has been linked in with Business in the Community and Volunteer Ireland for a number of years. Some of Ireland’s leading companies have contributed many hours to the development of our centre in Ballinascorney. We would especially like to thank Deloitte, AOL, Valero and Bank of America Merrill Lynch for their continuing support.

The Matt Talbot Community Trust is particularly proud of our Corporate Impact programme. We endeavour to create opportunities for companies to engage with the organisation in a meaningful way so that people come away from the day feeling that their contribution has made a real difference to the community, that they have learned a new skill and that they have had fun! Central to our approach is the inclusion of our participant group. Our participants are encouraged to lead the teams from the corporate groups and share the wealth of knowledge and experience that they have as well as creating a context for the work being carried out.

If your company would like to volunteer with the Matt Talbot Community Trust please contact us at, we would love to hear from you!

Deloitte CSR

Deloitte CSR


What is CSR and How does it benefit the Company and Community

A key priority for a socially responsible business is to develop and maintain strong and mutually beneficial relationships with its community. It is at the local and community level that the impact of increased CSR activity will be felt in social, economic or environmental terms. Using scarce resources efficiently, helping people to develop their potential and building self-reliant communities are all part of the benefits that will be seen when businesses embed CSR practices into their mainstream operations. Respectful consultation, participation and collaboration with local communities brings a host of benefits to the enterprise as well as to the community. An active interest in the community by a business can generate community support, goodwill and loyalty.

Advantages of corporate social responsibility

  • A good reputation makes it easier to recruit employees.
  • CSR will help you retain staff. Employees may be motivated stay longer, reducing the costs and disruption of recruitment and retraining.
  • Employees are better motivated and staff productivity will increase.
  • CSR helps ensure you comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Activities such as involvement with the local community are ideal opportunities to generate positive press coverage.
  • Understanding the wider impact of your business can present opportunities to develop new products and services.
  • CSR can make you more competitive and reduces the risk of sudden damage to your reputation (and sales).


Matt Talbot Community Trust has placed the CSR relationship at the core of its programme development in more recent times. As an organisation, we view this growing relationship as an integral part of the evolution of the organisation both in terms of the physical space we operate in but equally as important, being linked into the delivery of our work ready programme

In general terms we benefit through


  • Awareness raising – publicity (free) and help
  • Sign up  of volunteers
  • Building relationships – volunteer and fundraising
  • Diversifying experience – different way of thinking
  • Develop partnerships – what can we do for you – reciprocal


Our established links with Business in the Community and Dublin Volunteer Centre has served as a platform to match our organisation with key corporate partners which to date have included

  • Deloitte
  • AOL
  • Valero
  • Radius
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Google

The above companies have all engaged in Impact Days at our site in Ballinascorney or Ballyfermot and our model of immersing the corporate world working hand in hand with our participants is an effective tool in getting to know our organisation in a very real way.

Our impact days have far reaching value way beyond the physical works that go into transforming the site at Ballinascorney. Firstly, the day’s give our participants the opportunity to develop leadership, practical and life skills by leading corporate groups through a variety of practical projects. This experience is invaluable for our participants and the projects feed into and are evaluated through our Future Options programme. Secondly, the corporate impact days afford The Matt Talbot a number of development opportunities by tapping into the diverse knowledge and skills with the corporate groups. This has led to a number of workplace tours and CV and Interview skills workshops for our participants.

Given the success of this approach we are committed to developing our activity in this area to ensure that each company’s needs are matched with the development of key work ready skills for our participant group.

We can create bespoke team based projects which focus on communication, problem solving, skill development and awareness raising one off events or longer term programmes which provide a range of challenges and creative means for companies to follow through on their CSR commitment.

An example of this approach can be found in our “Building Bridges Building Communities” project with Deloitte through which a cross fertilisation of ideas allowed us to design, build and construct a wooden bridge on site in Ballinascorney over an eight week period