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Edible Community Programme

We use 100% organic community engagement.

All natural free-range volunteerism. 

We have now taken it for granted that we live in a disposable society – children relate origin of food to a trip to their local supermarket. Vegetables and meat are produce that live on shelves in our local shops not in the ground or our fields.

We have to learn to love food again and use this as the basis of good mental and physical health.

Inspired by the values and success of the Incredible Edible Movement and other urban edible projects taking off globally we successfully applied to Dublin City Council and secured a small plot of land based on the Cor na Mona site on the Kylemore Road in Ballyfermot.

Edible Communities are not just about growing food – they are based on the idea of sustainability and a recognition that a community is the responsibility of all of its residents and coming together makes a community stronger.

 Our community is stronger when we create growing spaces in a central gathering place for members to plant vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers, and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Our ambition is to offer an opportunity for members to “adopt” families-in-need, shelters, transition homes, homeless people, food banks, etc. to share their crops;  to provide our community with sustainable produce in times of natural or man-made disasters as well as hard economic times, to foster “green” programmes, environmental awareness and healthy organic living.

Here are a few ideas to think about and to kick start our creativity

Small steps – little things that you can do

  • If groups are not really your thing, the real power of our initiatives is in kindness – smile and say hello – kindness is contagious!
  • Plant some edibles by a bus stop, tow path, disused cemetery, anywhere that needs some TLC
  • Open up your garden to the public and grow edibles. Put up a Help Yourself sign. Believe us it works, and your life is richer for it
  • Treasure all that is good and shop locally. We know sometimes it’s hard, but when the chips are down we are only as strong as our local community. 20 shops a day are closing use your community hall, local transport or be prepared to lose it.
  • Source your food from the nearest farm, bakery, dairy that you can, within 30 km is a good guide
  • Throw some seed bombs into disused land
  • Pick up a piece or two of litter, its good exercise and sets a fine example to others
  • Arrange a seed swap or welly walk
  • Let your children climb a tree, get muddy, eat dirt!*
    * we take no liability for this


We need your support in bringing the community together to set up the first edible community in Ireland.

This unique idea is based on three key ideas that can be summed up through

  • The Community Plate
    Galvanise your community through growing and celebrating local food. Let’s learn to love and understand the importance of home grown and harvested crops as being a regular feature on our dinner plates and let’s try to do this as a community together.
  • The Learning Plate
    From plot to playground, Incredible Edible brings learning to life. Let’s learn from each other and bring those skills back into our homes. A window sill is all you need to start your own herb garden
  • The Business Plate
    It’s what we as individuals can do to support a local food economy. Investing in our local food businesses and encouraging them to stock seasonal locally grown produce is all about people investing in their community.

If you feel inspired by even one of the ideas why not share with us how you got on with it and help us learn from each other. We would love to welcome you to our fledgling edible community.