Matt Talbot Community Trust, Dublin. Ph: 01 626 4899.

Friends of Matt Talbot

Matt Talbot has links with many types of organisations both within the business and charity world. We see the formation of a Friends of Matt Talbot group as bringing huge benefits to our organisation. It can help us to reach out to people beyond our organisation who can give us a helping hand. It can help to give our community a life and purpose outside of programme times, turning it into a lively and vibrant community reaching out into wider society. It can help with raising money for and organising events that support us to evolve as a project, it can see through projects that have been lingering on the ‘to do’ list for years. In short, it can bring about a radical and positive change to the way we current see our community.

A friends’ group can help with finding support  in different ways as  they can be excellent at mobilising volunteer labour and securing extra funds which a small organisation like ourselves continuously struggle with.

They can also  help to raise match funding when grants are being sought for major projects – sourcing anything up to 50 percent of the cost yourself is often a condition of securing them in the first instance.

Finally a friends’ group can help with major, one-off projects, especially work that isn’t covered by the grants for programmes improving the physical space.

We are reaching out to you to help us to support and effect positive change in the community. If you feel that you have the skills, time or resources to enable us towards this goal, we would love to talk with you.