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Become a Career Coach with the Matt Talbot Community Trust!

The foundation of the Trust was in the acknowledgement that liberation of the individual came through education. Over 30 years later, our programme still operates under this premise and we take the origin of the word education as being ‘to draw out from within’. The organisation firmly believes in the capacity of our group members to be positive contributors to their communities and workplaces.

What are the challenges we face?

While our organisation can provide our group with the opportunity to attain QQI accreditations, it can be challenging to provide support in areas such as soft skills and practical experience of a workplace and its culture. A mentor in the form of a Career Coach could provide invaluable support and insights into their chosen field of work for our group members.

What areas do our group members need support in?

  • Communication Skills
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Career Path Advice
  • Presentation Skills

What could a mentor offer to address this?

  • CV and Cover Letter Preparation
  • Workplace Tours – to enable the mentee to experience the workplace culture
  • Interview Skills Sessions
  • Encouragement
  • Career Path Advice
  • Advice on how to enter into a particular field
  • Monthly informal meetings
  • Share their own experiences and insights

Qualities of a Successful Mentor/Mentee Relationship

Each relationship will be different and reflect the needs and abilities of each individual. However, below are some suggestions of the qualities necessary for a successful relationship:

How would a Career Coach Programme run?

Each month, the organisation will put out a call via our newsletter and on our website for a Career Coach from a particular field of work. Those fields could be customer service, payroll, administration, accounting or business for example. Keep an eye on our ‘Latest News’ section for this!

Each mentor/mentee relationship will be different and designed with the needs of both parties in mind. Meetings could take place at the Matt Talbot Community Trust or in an ice-cream shop. We encourage the individuals involved in the programme to make these decisions. We also expect that the frequency of meetings will vary for each pair of individuals.

The only requirement is that there is a minimum time commitment of 6 weeks to participate in the programme. The reason for a minimum time commitment is to allow a relationship to develop between a mentor and mentee.

Garda Vetting

Due to the nature of the work, individuals intending on taking part will need to undergo Garda vetting. The Matt Talbot Community Trust will provide the necessary assistance throughout the vetting process.

How will the Matt Talbot Community Trust support you and facilitate successful mentor/mentee relationships?

The Matt Talbot will endeavour to support both the mentor and the mentee at all stages of the programme. Each mentor and mentee will have a designated contact within the organisation who will be available to support them in their undertaking of the programme.

Individuals who wish to become Career Coaches with the Matt Talbot Community Trust will be fully supported throughout the programme and will be fully briefed on the specific needs of the individual they will mentor. It’s a great opportunity to get involved with us!

For more information, please see the contact details below:

Grainne Jennings