Matt Talbot Community Trust, Dublin. Ph: 01 626 4899.

Mission Statement

The Matt Talbot Community Trust is a drug free voluntary organisation. We work with those seeking assistance in relation to issues pertaining to substance abuse and those involved in the criminal justice system. We actively work towards the reintegration of adults back into the community. Central to this is the creation of an environment which recognises the value of an individual within the context of trust, belonging and learning. This in turn enables the development of positive relationships and the ability to make informed choices which in turn will benefit not only themselves but the entire community.

Our Aims

Objective 1:
To promote and facilitate the achievement of personal autonomy, decreased dependency and increased independence for individuals.

Objective 2:
To promote and facilitate integration into family, community and social life.

Objective 3:
To promote and facilitate progression and enhanced life opportunities.

Objective 4:
To contribute to social stability in the community.

Objective 5:
To increase awareness, knowledge about needs and the capacity to respond within the community generally; and within services and programmes in particular.