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Our History

Sr. Caoimhín Ní Uallachaín

Sr. Caoimhín Ní Uallachaín

The Matt Talbot Community Trust was founded in 1986 by Sr. Caoimhín Ní Uallachaín. Sr. Caoimhín had been working with young people from Ballyfermot for a number of years. Having initially set up a self-help group to support young people who had left school early and get them off the streets, a community eventually grew with the help of an army of volunteers. After some years, the parish priest donated some land and with support and donations from local businesses and the local community the original home of the Trust was built on the grounds of the church. This provided a space where young people could come in out of the rain for some tea or to play music.

As the community grew to accept young men, space became limited. From the original group two groups were formed, one to support young people under eighteen and the other supporting adults.

The Matt Talbot Community Trust was born, at this time, to support young men going to prison. Around this time however, the drug problem was arriving in Ballyfermot. Today, the Matt Talbot Community Trust has evolved into an organisation that supports adults involved with the criminal justice system and/or in recovery from drug addiction through the provision of education, while also supporting the Ballyfermot community at large.