Matt Talbot Community Trust, Dublin. Ph: 01 626 4899.

Outreach Work

Prison Visits

Each year, through our outreach programe, we make contact with hundreds of people in prison, where initial contact is made with potential participants. This is done in all major prisons in Dublin, Portlaoise and the Midlands Prison where we build a relationship with people who have been drug free for a period and might want to join the programme.

We also provide support and advocacy to anyone who is known to the organisation, who is currently serving a sentence in prison or is facing a court date. If you know anyone who may benefit from the Matt Talbot Community Trust, please complete our referral form.

Post-Programme Outreach

Completion of the education programme at the Matt Talbot Community Trust does not spell the end of the relationship built during that time. Post programme support is a very important aspect of the ongoing support systems that we have in place. This support is crucial in helping participants to remain on a positive path as they continue to progress beyond the programme. While becomming empowered to take charge of their own future, support is always made available to participants as they make their next move into further education or employment.